• If you do not remember your username or password, try clicking the links to the right of the Log In text boxes to answer your security questions.
• If you are unable to answer your security questions EXACTLY, please call the Processing Department at 1-800-964-6223 for additional assistance.
PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL requests for assistance logging in. For security reasons we need to verify your identity over the phone to unlock your account and/or assist you in logging in.

Please keep a record of the answers you enter for your security questions. For example, let’s say you typed “Ford Focus” as the make of your car when you created your account. If you later forget your password, typing “Focus” will not match the answer you selected for your security question and you will be unable to reset your password. That’s when you will have to give us a call to unlock your account.

Our phone lines can get very busy on the days that scores are released. Plan ahead and don’t get locked up.

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