Written Examinations

NBCE Examinations Section

The NBCE written examinations are administered twice each year, in March and September at test sites in the United States, Canada, England, France, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.Examinations include Part I, Part II, and Part III, as well as the optional Physiotherapy Examination.

Part I

Part I consists of 90 standard multiple-choice questions in each of six basic science areas, of which 80 questions are scored. The ten non-scored questions are included within each examination for diagnostic purposes. The six basic sciences areas include general anatomy, spinal anatomy, physiology, chemistry, pathology, and microbiology. Each Part I subject is allotted 75 minutes of testing time, with a 20-minute break between subjects.

Part II

Consists of 110 multiple-choice questions in each of six clinical science areas, including general diagnosis, neuromusculoskeletal diagnosis, diagnostic imaging, principles of chiropractic, chiropractic practice, and associated clinical sciences. Each Part II subject is allotted 90 minutes of testing time, with a 20-minute break between subjects.

Part III

Addresses nine clinical areas: case history, physical examination, neuromusculoskeletal examination, diagnostic imaging, clinical laboratory and special studies, diagnosis or clinical impression, chiropractic techniques, supportive interventions, and case management. The Part III Examination consists of two books; each book is allotted two hours of testing time. Part III contains a total of 110 standard multiple-choice questions and 10 case vignettes, broken down as follows:

  • Each book has 55 standard multiple-choice questions, plus five case vignettes
  • Each of the five case vignettes contains three extended multiple-choice questions
  • Each extended multiple-choice question requires three answers


An elective examination that consists of 92 standard multiple-choice questions and two case vignettes. Each case vignette includes three extended multiple-choice questions requiring three answers. The Physiotherapy Examination is allotted 90 minutes of testing time.