Dr. Shelby M. Elliott, former Texas Chiropractic College president, passed away on Wednesday, August 19.

Read TCC’s tribute to Dr. Elliott here.

2 Responses to Former TCC President Dr. Shelby Elliott Passes Away
  1. Condolence for Dr. Shelby M. Elliott, D.C., my family reverence his Chiropractic legacy and are thankful for his leadership and wisdom. We were informed by reading this comment link. Vonnie, my wife, and family send our warmest, sincerest apathy to Mrs. Connie Elliot, family, and the Chiropractic profession.

  2. Condolence to Mrs. Connie Elliot and family and to my alma mater Chiropractic college family, Texas Chiropractic College. My wife, Vonnie, and I were devastated, we couldn’t imagine life without Dr. Shelby Elliot, D.C. And each of my six sons remembers his name because upon graduation from T.C.C. they were in elementary school and three of the six sons have sons or daughters now in elementary school and my oldest son’s, Charles, Jr., wife Jenell is an elementary school teacher in Round Rock, Texas thanks to the great leadership of Dr. Shelby Elliot, D.C. We learned that He had passed while I was preparing to take the NBCE part 4 in Atlanta, Ga. area, Marietta, Nov. 11, 2015. We sincerely miss Dr. Shelby Elliot, D.C. and are grateful for his magnificent legacy.


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