21 Jul 2014
July 21, 2014

Late Application Cutoff


Applications for the September 2014 written examinations must be postmarked by Tuesday, July 22, 2014. All applications must include a $50 late fee. Applications postmarked after July 22 will not be accepted.

2 Responses to Late Application Cutoff
  1. I have a difficult situation. My son was injured and suffered a Traumatic Brain injury in Idaho. This has separated me from my family due to the fact that my wife must stay in Idaho. This has been more difficult than I could ever imagine. I have been in practice since 1985. I took the part 1 boards and part 2 plus physiotherapy. I passed all the part except chemistry. Rather than take chemistry I planned on taking the California boards for chemistry. It ended up I had to take all the part 1 tests over again, I could not take just chemistry. I passed the tests and the state tests and received my license to practice.
    I was told by Irene Gold that the test I took for the California boards were the same national board tests. I do not know if this is true. Idaho wants me to have part 1, 2 and physiotherapy.
    Could you clarify if by passing the part 1 board tests for California if this would satisfy my requirement for Part 1 of national boards?
    If not them I may have to take chemistry in order for me to have part 1 complete.


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