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The NBCE shares information with the chiropractic profession through a variety of publications as well as e-mailed news releases.

Practice Analysis

Approximately every five years, the NBCE conducts a survey of the chiropractic profession, the results of which are compiled in a practice analysis. The most current publication based on this survey data is the Practice Analysis of Chiropractic 2015. In producing the practice analysis, the NBCE seeks to provide the chiropractic profession with a credible, relevant and accurate representation of chiropractic as it is practiced today as a full-time profession.


The NBCE also produces the following informational brochures about each of its examinations:

  • Written examinations
  • Part IV Examination
  • Speical Purposes Examination for Chiropractic (SPEC)
  • Acupuncture examination


The NBCE regularly shares news (via e-mailed press releases) in the NBCE-Communicator.

Annual Report

An annual report, including NBCE financial statements, is also available on this website.