The NBCE announced today that the Part I, Part II, and Physiotherapy (PHT) test plans have been updated.  Physiotherapy is an optional exam, not required for licensure in all states, but nonetheless an important part of the battery of exams available for pre-licensure doctors of chiropractic.  The new test plans can be viewed at
The NBCE recently conducted a Delphi study covering Part I, Part II, and PHT.  This resource-intensive survey asks college faculty to review test plans and ensure that NBCE exams are reflective of the current curricula at each school. Through this process, chiropractic college faculty recommend updates to the plans.
In this most recent survey, there was little change for Parts I and II (only 1-2% in certain categories); however, the change was significant for PHT.  The chiropractic college faculty requested an increased focus on active modalities, while removing some of the less frequently used passive modalities, including questions about paraffin baths, diathermy, infrared, low-volt Galvinism, and iontophoresis.
Revised test plans for Part I, Part II, and PHT have been posted to the examinee website; March 2017 exam content will be the first to reflect these changes.

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