15 Aug 2014
August 15, 2014

Sample exam questions


Each week day from August 18 through September 12, a new question will be posted to the NBCE website at www.nbce.org/nbce-blog. The questions will also be posted to the NBCE’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com.

The questions have been retired from the current NBCE item pool. They have been selected to reflect all written exams include Parts I, II, III, and Physiotherapy. Each question will cite the part and subject area it references.

If examinees would like more practice, there are sample tests available for purchase at sampleexams.nbce.org. Sample tests must be completed at the time of purchase. Examinees can choose from the following sample tests:


Number of

Each Part I subject
(General   Anatomy, Spinal Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Pathology, and Microbiology)
$15 per subject 50 in each subject
Each Part II subject
(General   Diagnosis, Neuromusculoskeletal Diagnosis, Diagnostic Imaging, Principles of   Chiropractic, Chiropractic Practice, and Associated Clinical Sciences)
$15 per subject 50 in each subject
Part III $20 69 total
Physiotherapy $15 44 total


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  1. Hi there..
    Are you guys going to post sample questions for the upcoming exams


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