If you are an examinee taking the NBCE Parts I, II, III, or  Physiotherapy exam, please review the September 2015 schedule. Although there is no change to the published dates of these exams, the schedule for specific subjects is different from previous administrations of these exams.This schedule will remain consistent for both the spring and fall examination administrations.

These schedule changes are necessary due to advancements in the development and administration of our computer-based testing (CBT) format for the national exams. These advancements require fewer questions; thus examinees are able to complete Part I, II, and PHT exams in a shorter time block.  We realize this is a significant change to our schedule, and we are prepared for a smooth transition to this new schedule.

2 Responses to September 2015 schedule available
  1. With the computerized testing now in motion, does that mean that scores will be available sooner? All your score release dates contradict Marylands jurisprudence testing application dates. I’m taking an exam in September but due to the contradiction will unable to be licensed in Maryland until maybe January if score release dates stay at 6 weeks

    • Due to the necessary scoring steps that are required, the score release dates are still six weeks following exam administration. We do not anticipate release results earlier results at this time. If that schedule changes, we will post a revised schedule on http://www.MyNBCE.org.


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