12 Aug 2013
August 12, 2013

September Test Accommodations

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The deadline to request accommodations on the September exams has passed. For those that have been approved for accommodations, you will receive confirmation of those accommodations as well as your individualized exam schedule 2 weeks before the exam . Also in the letter we give you the name and phone number for the test administrator. We encourage you to contact the test administrator if this is your first time receiving test accommodations at the chosen test site. The Test Administrator may have specific instructions on where to go, who your proctor will be, and other helpful information for those arriving to the test site early.
Please review your confirmation letter. Make sure you know what time you need to be at the test site. Test accommodated examinee’s that are receiving additional time are on a different schedule than the one published in the information brochure.
If there are any questions that I can answer please contact me at 1-800-964-6223 ext.145 or email me at tsterling@nbce.org
Have success!
Tamara Sterling
Examinee Relations Specialist

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