60 Years of Impact

Since 1963

Highlights from
the 2023 nbce annual
board of directors meeting

The Birth of Standardized Assessment

Dr. Cleveland & Dr. Brimhall

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of Standardized Assessment

Keynote Address

Dr. Ian Coulter

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Congratulations to the NBCE family on 60 successful years of providing excellence in licensure testing for the chiropractic profession. Gratitude for this must go to the three Texas chiropractors — Drs. Biser, Bouknight and Brassard — who established the organization in 1963; to the many chiropractors who have served on the NBCE Board of Directors since; to college leaders and faculty members; to numerous practitioners; and to dedicated staff members in Greeley, Colorado. All can be justifiably proud of the Board’s past accomplishments, its current strong status and the many initiatives being pursued for the future. God speed to all for all you do for the chiropractic profession.

Horace Elliott

Executive vice president of nbce, 1986-2014