Developments in Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE) have prompted us to evaluate updating the Part IV exam. Through researching other testing organizations we believe we can leverage advancements in OSCEs to produce a more efficient exam, while maintaining exam reliability and validity. 


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The Part IV Advancement and Development Advisory Board provides valuable input by sharing insight and expertise while representing the interests and opinions of their stakeholder groups. The advisory board will also act as conduits of information to and from their stakeholder groups, sharing appropriate information about the project plan to garner support and buy-in for the project.

The advisory board will not be directly responsible for executing project activities. The advisory board will make recommendations to the project team. The project team will incorporate feedback from the advisory board and formulate plans and recommendations for the full NBCE Board of Directors.

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Information – To provide feedback on the project, or ask questions, contact:

Tamara Sterling – Director of Program Management and Quality


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