Tamara Sterling, MBA


In her role as Vice President of Administration, Tamara oversees the daily operations for Exam Administration and Relations, Auxiliary Services, Public Relations, and Information Technology.  She also focuses on high-impact projects which optimize performance, efficiencies, and meet the strategic goals of the organization.

Tamara Sterling began her career at the NBCE in 2009 as a specialist in the Examinee Communications department, where she assisted examinees in navigating the exam application and test accommodation process. Tamara used that foundational operational knowledge to improve the examinee website and online application process. Throughout her career, she has held many positions and worked across departments to influence change and foster an environment of continuous improvement. She has guided the NBCE in the transition to Computer-Based Testing and the Part IV Advancement and Development Project.  Graduating with her MBA from Colorado State University, Tamara is an innovative problem solver that can facilitate the vetting of strategic solutions, drive stakeholder engagement, and deliver results on multiple high-impact projects simultaneously.


The NBCE Leadership Team

The National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) leadership team is made up of Doctors of Chiropractic, statisticians, and business professionals in order to oversee the daily tasks required to develop, administer, and score standardized exams that assess knowledge, higher-level cognitive abilities and problem-solving in various basic science and clinical science subjects for candidates seeking chiropractic licensure.

The NBCE Parts I-IV exams offer assurance to the general public that, regardless of where a chiropractor went to school or was licensed, he or she has demonstrated a baseline of knowledge as well as ability in diagnosis, diagnostic imaging, principles of chiropractic, associated clinical sciences and chiropractic practice.