Job Analysis of Chiropractic 2000

The Job Analysis of Chiropractic 2000 is a report that summarizes the practice of chiropractic in the United States based on the responses of full-time chiropractors from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

This page includes chapters from the report printed in 2000.

Cover Pages      Download (PDF)

Chapter 1: The Chiropractic Profession    Download (PDF)

Chapter 2: Current Status and Recognition of Chiropractic Care    Download (PDF)

Chapter 3: Public Accountability for Occupational Performance    Download (PDF)

Chapter 4: Planning and Developing the Job Analysis Survey    Download (PDF)

Chapter 5: Administering the Job Analysis Survey  Download (PDF)

Chapter 6: Overview of Survey Response Data    Download (PDF)

Chapter 7: The Chiropractic Practioner    Download (PDF)

Chapter 8: The Chiropractic Patient    Download (PDF)

Chapter 9: Patient Conditions    Download (PDF)

Chapter 10: Professional Functions, Knowledge Areas, and Treatment Procedures    Download (PDF)

Epilogue    Download (PDF)

Appendix A: Survey Pre-Letter    Download (PDF)

Appendix B: Survey Cover Letter  Download (PDF)

Appendix C: Survey of Chiropractic Practice    Download (PDF)

Appendix D: Survey Follow-up Letter    Download (PDF)

Appendix E: News Release    Download (PDF)

Appendix F: Bibliography    Download (PDF)

Appendix G: Glossary of Terms or References    Download (PDF)

Index  Download (PDF)