Job Analysis of Chiropractic 2005

The Job Analysis of Chiropractic 2005 is a report that summarized the practice of chiropractic in the United States based on the responses of full-time chiropractors from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Survey respondents reported information regarding their practices and professional responsibilities.

This page includes downloadable files from the report printed in 2005.

Cover Pages      Download (PDF)

Chapter 1: The Chiropractic Profession    Download (PDF)

Chapter 2: Review of Literature on Chiropractic Care    Download (PDF)

Chapter 3: Public Accountability for Occupational Performance    Download (PDF)

Chapter 4: Planning and Developing the Job Analysis Survey    Download (PDF)

Chapter 5: Administering the Job Analysis Survey    Download (PDF)

Chapter 6: Overview of Survey Responses    Download (PDF)

Chapter 7: The Chiropractic Practioner    Download (PDF)

Chapter 8: The Chiropractic Patient    Download (PDF)

Chapter 9: Patient Conditions    Download (PDF)

Chapter 10: Professional Functions and Treatment Procedures    Download (PDF)

Appendix A: Association of Chiropractic Colleges    Download (PDF)

Appendix B: Pre-Survey Postcard    Download (PDF)

Appendix C: Survey Cover Letter    Download (PDF)

Appendix D: Job Analysis Survey    Download (PDF)

Appendix E: Survey Follow-up Correspondence    Download (PDF)

Appendix F: News Release    Download (PDF)

Appendix G: List of Survey Participants  Download (PDF)

Bibliography: List of Works Cited    Download (PDF)

Glossary: Glossary of Terms    Download (PDF)

Index: Reference Page Numbers    Download (PDF)